Neighborhood Programs

The DSCDO Department of Community Involvement is in charge of getting

information out to the community regarding housing, youth engagement, safety,

and organizing for social programs/activities. Here is a listing of some

programs to which we can connect you:

  • Afford-A-Home (AAH)

    • Administered by the City of Cleveland Division of Neighborhood

      Services, AAH helps buyers purchase and repair affordable Cleveland homes. Local

      banks and neighborhood housing organizations participate in this program which

      offers low-interest loans and interest-free second mortgages of $5,000 or

      $10,000. Call 216-664-2045 or click here.

  • Senior Homeowner Assistance Program (SHAP)

    • Administered by the City of Cleveland Department of Aging, SHAP provides

      grants to Cleveland residents age 60+ or disabled adults who meet income

      eligibility guidelines and own single or two family homes in need of critical,

      health, safety and maintenance repairs. Applicants must live in the property in

      question and be able to show clear title. Call 216-664-2045 for more details. Learn more about the program and download an application here.

  • Home Weatherization Assistance Program (HWAP)

    • With funding from federal, state and local sources, DSCDO administers the

      Energy Conservation Programs for income-eligible residents. These programs help

      to reduce the gas and electric bills for low-income households. Call

      216-961-4242 x 247 for details.

  • Loan Programs

Youth Programs

  • Parkworks

    • This nonprofit organization is responsible for much of the programming in

      the local Herman, Madison, and Lake Parks, including DJ workshops, outdoor

      movies, and interactive art activities just to name a few. Find out more here.

  • Respect Our Community and Kids (ROCK)

    • For junior high students, this program engages youth during the school year

      in community issues through murals, skits, performances, and creative

      discussions of local issues. Call 216-961-4242 x 223 for more details.

  • A Better Way/Touch of Class

    • The North End Block Club, in cooperation with West Bethel Baptist Church,

      has created programs to teach leadership skills and social skills to local

      youth. They are funded through Neighborhood Connections grants for which DSCDO

      is the fiscal agent. Call 216-961-4242 x 223 for more details

Safety Programs 

  • Phone Trees

    • Each block club has a phone tree for quick alerts regarding immediate safety

      concerns. Call 216-961-4242 x 226 to sign up.

  • STEPS Walks

    • For people of all ages, these walks occur every Wednesday evening at 7pm

      leaving from the corner of West 65th and Detroit Ave. A healthy neighborhood has

      healthy people, so these are an active way to get out of the house and enjoy

      walking with neighbors through Detroit Shoreway. Call 216-961-4242 x 226 for

      more details.

  • Patrols

    • Whether walking, driving, or riding bikes, block clubs organize nightly

      block patrols and community-wide patrols to deter crime and report suspicious

      activity. The police cannot be everywhere, so these are pro-active ways to get

      involved and show safety is important to you. Call 216-961-4242 x 226 for


  • Courtwatch

    • Know of a crime in the area and want to be heard at court? These activities

      bring together community testimony, whether in person or through letter drives,

      to the court cases. Let the judge and jury know how the community was affected

      by someone's actions. Call 216-961-4242 x 226 for details.


Housing Center


6604 Detroit Avenue (Gordon Square


Monday-Thursday: 11 am to 7 pm

Friday: 9 am to 5 pm


10 am to 3 pm

(216) 961-4242

The Westside Housing Center serves to

lessen the negative effects of the foreclosure crisis while providing a

supportive environment for people to locate affordable housing and help them to

maintain financial stability. To achieve these results, the Westside Housing

Center includes both a housing assistance component and an educational and

financial literacy component. Call today for help and take a look below at

services the Westside Housing Center offers.



  • Foreclosure prevention

  • Home repair loan offerings and application assistance

  • Promote homeownership

  • Promote rental housing options

  • Linking investors and home rehabbers with available properties

Education and Financial Literacy

  • First-time homebuyer awareness

  • Moving from renting to owning

  • Individual Development Accounts

  • Financial literacy

  • Responsible renter awareness

A neighborhood with a view, a community with a vision.

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