Metro West

In 2010, DSCDO became the parent organization of the Stockyard, Clark-Fulton, and Brooklyn Centre Community Development Office (SCFBC). In 2016, SCFBC changed its name to Metro West. 


Metro West serves the neighborhoods directly south of Detroit Shoreway (between West 25th—West 82nd Streets, and I-90 and Train Avenue to I-71): Stockyard, Clark-Fulton, and Brooklyn Centre.

Metro West is a separate 501(c)3 and has a separate board from DSCDO. However, the two organizations share an executive staff and financial department. 

The three neighborhoods served by Metro West have combined populations of nearly 30,000 residents.

Metro West’s three strategic impact projects are the West 25th Street Corridor, La Villa Hispana, and the International Village. 

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