Community Involvement

This department supports our neighborhood’s block club network and diverse community groups, celebrating traditional block club structure while empowering residents to explore alternative forms of organizing and community building.

In addition, we support community-led safety initiatives and serve as liaison between community members and law enforcement officials. 




DSCDO is committed to investing in neighborhood housing stock, with the goal of ensuring affordable and safe living options exist for neighborhood residents, particularly focusing on lower-income renters and owner occupants. 


DSCDO also connects residents and property owners to home repair and homeownership resources. 

View more information on our One & Two Family Rehabilitation Program.

For home repair resources, visit the home repair page. 

For multi-family apartments owned by DSCDO, visit the rent page. 




Economic Development


DSCDO is responsible for the overall economic development and revitalization of commercial/retail districts within its service area. 


This includes managing commercial leasing for a 50,000 square foot portfolio of DSCDO-owned properties, recruiting new businesses and providing technical assistance to existing businesses, coordinating public improvements and government approvals, managing the Gordon Square parking program, supporting merchants’ associations, overseeing an Economic Development Committee and Hire Local Initiative, and more. 

Visit the business page if you’re looking for information on starting a business, resources for your existing business, or information on neighborhood merchant associations. 


Marketing & Events


Our organization provides support for a variety of free or low-cost events throughout the year, showcasing the neighborhood as a regional travel destination and providing arts and cultural opportunities for visitors and residents.


To learn more about neighborhood events and what is coming up next, visit the events calendar. 

DSCDO curates two bi-weekly digital newsletters—the Community Catalyst and Capitol Theatre-focused Silver Screen. A print newsletter—Neighborhood Views—is sent to every home in the neighborhood quarterly.


Greenspace, Planning & Infrastructure


We collaborate with multiple partners to create greenspace and improve infrastructure within the service area, ranging from streetscape projects and pocket parks to multipurpose trails and bike lanes. 


DSCDO also leads master planning for its neighborhoods and convenes the community to provide feedback on public improvements. From 2015–2019, DSCDO has participated in the Kresge Climate Resilience Urban Opportunity Initiative in partnership with Cleveland Neighborhood Progress. 

For more on greenspaces in the neighborhood, visit Parks and Recreation. 


Special Improvement


A separate 501(c)3 non-profit organization, the Gordon Square Arts District-Cleveland Improvement Corporation (GSAD-CIC) provides maintenance, safety and marketing services along Detroit Avenue between West 58th–West 73rd Streets, such as snow and graffiti removal, power washing, garbage removal, safety escorts, holiday lighting and more. 


Also known as the Special Improvement District or SID, the GSAD-CIC contracts with DSCDO to hire and manage all vendors, provide financial administration, and serve as primary contact for all district-related needs.

Oversight of programs and services is provided by the GSAD-CIC Board of Directors and four working subcommittees: maintenance, marketing, safety, and finance. 

Downtown Cleveland Ambassadors (DCA) provides safety escorts to employees and patrons of Gordon Square Arts District.

To receive an escort, call DCA at 216.621.6000.

Gordon Square Arts District


The Gordon Square Arts District (GSAD) is a separate 501(c)3 non-profit organization that works in close collaboration with DSCDO.

GSAD installs public art and murals, presents free arts programming that is inclusive of everyone, supports the creative artist workforce, and markets and attracts visitors to patronize arts venues and local businesses.  


GSAD first emerged in 2002 as a series of conversations between DSCDO, Cleveland Public Theatre (CPT), Near West Theatre (NWT) and Councilman Matt Zone around the idea of a joint capital campaign.

The $30 million campaign was formally launched in 2007 with the formation of Gordon Square Arts District, LLC and the signing of a Mutual Reliance Agreement, a unique governance model and legal agreement that guided the partnership. Tom Sullivan, Dick Pogue and Albert Ratner were named honorary campaign co-chairs.

The five projects of the $30 million GSAD capital campaign were: 

• Capitol Theatre renovation ($7.5M) 

• Cleveland Public Theatre renovation ($7.8M) 

• Near West Theatre new construction ($7.3M) 

• Detroit Avenue Streetscape ($3.5M) 

• Parking expansion ($1M) 

With the conclusion of the campaign, the Gordon Square Arts District Board elected in 2014 to continue its work in the neighborhood, and GSAD, LLC became GSAD, Inc.