Home Repair

There are a variety of resources available to residents of the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood. 


NHS’s mission is to provide ongoing programs and services to help residents achieve and sustain homeownership. NHS offers a full line of services to support homeowners who are looking to make necessary home repairs, explore innovative ways to save money, repair their credit, or investigate re-financing options. 

Nehemiah Mission provides services that improve living environments through providing volunteer assistance for housing repairs and rehabilitation projects to elderly and low-income families.


Home Weatherization

Protect your home against the elements, decrease energy consumption, and improve energy efficiency. As part of the Resilient Cleveland initiative, DSCDO is proud to recommend the CHN Housing Partners (CHN) Home Weatherization Program to neighborhood residents. Homeowners and renters may be eligible to receive the following FREE services:

• Home insulation
• Energy-efficient appliances
• Light bulbs
• New furnace
• New hot water tank

Homeowners and renters alike can expect to save up to 30% on their monthly utility bills.

If your household income exceeds the CHN guidelines, please note that Cleveland Energy$aver® is another service that offers low cost energy efficiency packages with financing available for all income levels.

To request an application for either CHN or Cleveland Energy$aver®, call the DSCDO offices at 216.961.4242 x265.

RTC is an annual effort to repair homes owned by low-income, elderly and disabled members of our community. RTC seeks homeowners who cannot physically or financially maintain their home themselves and do not have available able-bodied family members who can maintain their home.


Community Housing Solutions offers tool loans and home maintenance training, as well as assistance on energy conservation and minor home repair. Housing counseling is also available.


Cleveland Restoration Society provides services to preserve the historic character of your home and increase its value, while updating interior features and installing energy efficient systems. 


“Repair-A-Home” offers interest loans for owner occupants of 1 to 2 family dwellings who meet income guidelines. Applicants MUST have received exterior code violations identified by the City of Cleveland’s Department of Building and Housing.


The Department of Aging offers many services for senior homeowners including discounts on utility bills, assistance with benefits, help with chores and home maintenance, legal assistance, credit counseling and more.


Senior Homeowners Assistance Program (SHAP)

SHAP provides grants to Cleveland residents age 60+ or disabled adults who meet income eligibility guidelines and own single or two family homes in need of critical, health, safety and maintenance repairs. Applicants must live in the property.


HELP provides low-interest loans to owners of single family and multi-family dwellings for the purpose enhancing or improving the property’s livability.


This program is available to help with repairs, improvements and more.


The treasurer provides a variety of taxpayer services for Cuyahoga County residents including answering questions, providing information, and offering a payment plan for those who owe property (real estate) taxes in order to help them avoid foreclosure.


The Hebrew Free Loan Association offers interest free loans to individuals in need—for home, business, education or medical expenses. Proof of income and a co-signer are required.


This resource center offers low-cost hands-on workshops teaching basic home repair skills, including classes for women and seniors. Housing, financial counseling, and foreclosure prevention services are also provided.


ESOP works with homeowners and their loan servicers to obtain affordable resolutions that preserve homeownership. ESOP will help obtain financial assistance and/or negotiate with a loan servicer for an affordable mortgage solution.


Services include mortgage payment assistance, mortgage modification, home rental listings, housing discrimination assistance, housing search assistance, and landlord/tenant assistance for the Hispanic/Latino community.