We support the work of residents who volunteer to make our neighborhood safer: whether through improved police-community relations, expanded street lighting or tips for keeping personal property secure.


For information about the active Safety Committees in the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood, contact the DSCDO offices at 216.961.4242 x233. 

Safe Routes to School

Safe Routes to School is an ongoing community project focused on encouraging and enabling students in grades k-8 to walk or ride their bicycle to school. 

Efforts can be either engineering-based (improved crossings and sidewalks, etc.) or non-engineering (education and encouragement programs, snow shoveling, etc.).


Neighbor Walks

Exercise, meet your neighbors, pick up litter, talk to people in the community, report burned out street lights, and more. All are welcome. Please reference the events calendar for upcoming neighbor walk dates. 

Anyone can organize a neighbor walk. It may also be possible to request a police officer to join your walk.

For more information about setting up and promoting your own neighbor walk, contact DSCDO at 216.961.4242 x233

2nd District Community Relations

The 2nd District Community Relations Committee gathers at the Applewood Center (3518 West 25th Street) the second Tuesday of the month (except in January) at 7pm.

Participate and hear presentations from the police department, prosecutor’s office, and other organizations. The group also fundraises for families in need throughout the year.

For more information, call 216.623.5205. 

Safety Camera Program

Residents who purchase and install cameras on their home are recommended to register their cameras with the Cuyahoga County Prosecutors camera database.   

For more information about camera registration and the security camera mapping project, visit the Cuyahoga County prosecutor.

Residents interested in installing alarm systems and cameras to their home can review options, articles, tips and tricks at safewise. 


Safety Audits

Request to have a 2nd District Police Officer inspect your property to determine ways to make it less likely to be targeted by criminals.

To schedule a free home safety audit, call 216.961.4242 x233.

Court Watch

When offenders are caught by the police, DSCDO, community members, and other groups often submit letters to the judge and sometimes even attend sentencing. DSCDO staff are actively working to incorporate restorative practices into this process.

If you are the victim of a crime and would like support with a court watch, please call 216.961.4242 x233.

Gordon Square Special Improvement District Escorts

On Friday and Saturday evenings from 3:30pm–midnight, employees and patrons of Gordon Square Arts District businesses can be escorted to their vehicles.

To receive an escort, call the Downtown Cleveland Ambassadors at 216.621.6000.

Burned Out Streetlights

Residents can and should report streetlight outages. To report an outage, make a note of the address of the light and call 216.621.5483 (LITE), or report the outage online.


Graffiti Abatement Program

DSCDO works with private property owners, the City of Cleveland and residents to abate graffiti.

If you see graffiti in the neighborhood, please call 216.961.4242 x233.